Welcome to my blog, It's focus is Quality Assurance (testing if you want to call it that although I feel it is a little too focused) but I'm interested in all things technical and I think you need to be to work in QA in this fluid technical environment we work in. So there will be a mix of everything in here.

I have been Tester for 8+ years, have been working in QA for the last 3 and yes they are different. I fell into this profession as many have over the years, through being a business user and crowbarred in to help out. I think for many being brought in from the business was the starting point and maybe was of benefit (one to ponder). People constantly try to describe this profession and it's not an easy thing.

QA to me is a science, passion and belief. So this is me getting active in QA where I can and if people want to listen.

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We're all adults (well I'm sure most who read this will be) so please be constructive in the comments.